Dangers of Low Testosterone

Low testosterone and increased risk of early death

Men with low testosterone are more likely to die in the next 10 years than men with normal testosterone.

In the *EPIC study, men with low testosterone had a highly significant increase in all causes of death*.

The largest cause was coronary heart disease death.

The lower the testosterone the greater the increase in risk.

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Why erectile dysfunction predicts heart disease

The best predictor is a loss of early morning erection.

30-50% of men with erection problems (ED) have low testosterone.

Low T is a health risk

“Anyone with ED or loss of morning erections should have a testosterone test.”

Can you tell if your T is low?

Two threads of evidence tie these two together. The first is research like the EPIC study showing the impact of low T.

The second is what happens in the blood vessels.

Both the heart and the penis rely on small calibre arteries.

When they get narrowed by fatty deposits in the wall (atheroma) then the blood supply reduces and the organs don’t work properly.

So you can get a heart attack when the coronary arteries are narrow and ED when blood vessels in the penis are affected.

- Because the blood vessels in the penis are smaller in diameter than those in the heart, they will be affected first and thus small vessel damage shows first as an erection problem – up to 5 years before the first heart attack.

- Men with ED have approximately 1.5 times greater risk of heart attack than control individuals.

- When an X-Ray of the heart vessels (angiography) shows severe coronary disease it is commonly associated with severe ED.

How does low testosterone cause heart disease?

Testosterone deficiency changes metabolism and makes atheroma in blood vessels more likely.

The result is a combination of a ‘beer belly,’ a tendency to type 2 diabetes (shown by testing for a chemical called HbA1c) and an abnormal cholesteral pattern. This pattern is described as the metabolic syndrome and increases the risk of heart attack.

The symptoms of low testosterone

Testosterone deficiency is associated with clear life-disturbing symptoms.

First erection problems (erectily dysfunction/ED).

But also lethargy, fatigue, loss of libido and depressed mood.

Sow how can you work, rest and play more?

1. It is simple to diagnose low testosterone

2. Testosterone treatment reverses symptoms

If you have ED – have a T test before you purchase a Viagra-like drug on-line.

* The EPIC study was run in Norfolk by Cambridge University. If you want to look at this research the reference is Circulation. 2007;116;2694-2701.